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to the content of Dan Brown's current thriller, Inferno. See this fascinating look into his novel in Inferno book review.

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These images bring Dan Brown's Inferno to life. His exotic places, people and artworks are shown in a way that maximizes your enjoyment this novel. See Inferno illustrations.

Dore illustrations

Dante's Inferno..... 

Dante's Inferno becomes intriguing and highly visible when you see these intricate black and white illustrations drawn by Gustave Dore in 1861. Dante's Inferno illustrations....

Dan Brown

The best-selling author of thrillers that include the Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, the Lost Symbol, and Inferno

Sanford Holst

Author of Amazon's #1 book on the Phoenicians, and Sworn in Secret about the Knights Templar. 

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Dante was inspired to write his Inferno when many Knights Templar were burned to death after 1307. That in turn inspired Dan Brown to write his Inferno. But the story of the surviving Templars is in many ways as fascinating as those two works of fiction.

Sworn in Secret follows the actual stories of knights who survived the Inquisition's attacks. They were hunted as they struggled against orders of arrest from powerful kings and the Vatican. For them it was literally a matter of life or death. Fighting their way through unexpected twists, they achieved a measure of revenge for their fallen brothers. 

These are real people, real events and fascinating adventures.

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