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Dan Brown's Inferno Companion Book

Companion Book for Dan Brown's Inferno

Sworn in Secret is the extraordinary true story of the Knights Templar survivors based on highly-revealing new sources. Among the intriguing clues we discover is that the suffering and fiery death of many Knights Templar during Dante's time inspired him to write his Inferno, which in turn inspired Dan Brown.

Even though Sworn in Secret is about real knights who survived the attacks against them and won a measure of revenge against kings and the Vatican, it flows like a Dan Brown novel. As the trail of clues is followed, it leads through a number of twists and turns. The knights' opponents are powerful, secretive and attack in many ways. And the results of these confrontations will almost cetainly surprise you. 

Everyone has some idea of what happened to the Templars, but when you see the lives of actual people who lived through these events, it is stunning how much different and fascinating their world and experiences become.

Dante and the Inferno companion book

The suffering of the Templars that inspired Dante Alighieri to write his Inferno was not a far-away event. Templar Inquisition trials even came to Florence, Dante's home town. He gained some degree of revenge himself by sending several popes and kings to hell in his Inferno. To do this he used symbolic language, because he lived at a time when popes and kings had already shown -- by attacking the Templars -- that they could easily send a poet to hell as well. 

Templar Survivors and Inferno companion book

Before the Templars were attacked in 1307, there were thousands in their Order. Yet only a few hundred were burned to death. Where did the others go? Sworn in Secret uncovers remarkably clear clues found in collections of old manuscripts. These enable us to trace a number of these survivors, who then had a strong effect on the world that followed. 

Financial Empire and the Inferno companion book

The Templars had built a banking network that covered all of Europe and brought tremendous wealth. When they were attacked, that came crashing down. Not long afterwards the Medici family built its small banking business into the dominant bank in Europe. Their wealth would not have been possible if the Templars had kept their strong hold on the lucrative financial world. The possibilities for intrigue are endless.

Marie de' Medici, who became Queen of France

Green Robes and the Inferno companion book

That Templar financial world had been made possible by a shadowy group within the Templars who wore green robes. An early pope gave them this distinction, and they were always at the center of Templar life thereafter -- but were consistently ignored by the outside world. They were experts at languages, finances, secrecy and encryption. Their skills made the Templar financial network possible -- and then enabled Templar survivors to flourish in their secretive existence.

The Dark Side and the Inferno companion book

Not all of the Templar survivors went the same way. Some continued to struggle against the abusive use of power by popes and kings that had brought down their Order. And in time they won good victories. But others turned to piracy and worse. They went over to the dark side.

Potential Templar links to Hospitallers, Masons and others also add degrees of mystery to the Templar story. Some of those now move closer to being solved. Even their old nemesis, the Vatican and its office of the Inquisition -- now called Congregation for the Docitrine of the Faith -- has continued this old battle in recent years. It did this by releasing "newly discovered" documents from its Secret Archives. The battle being fought by those Templar survivors has been passed along to others, and is still going on.


Companion Book for Dan Brown's Inferno

Sworn in Secret

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 Inferno Companion Book and Dan Brown

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When many Templars were burned to death after 1307, it inspired Dante to write his Inferno. That in turn inspired Dan Brown to write his Inferno. But the story of the surviving Templars is in many ways as fascinating as those two works of fiction.

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Companion book for Dan Brown's Inferno

Sworn in Secret Book