Sworn in Secret book review




Sworn in Secret Book Review

Sworn in Secret book review

Sworn in Secret Book Review

In this remarkable new exploration of the Knights Templar, author Sanford Holst goes beyond the traditional events of their founding in 1119 and the death of Jacques de Molay in 1314. Everyone knows that string of events to some degree. What they do not know is how the Templars became who they were, and amassed an incredible amount of power and wealth amid strict secrecy. 

Their unusual abilty to do these things is carefully traced back to Solomon's Temple and a number of other contributing sources. This detective work moves from clue to clue much like a Dan Brown book, except that these are real people and real events.

Templar arches on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Templar arches of Grand Master's hall on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

A critical part of that story is the frequently-overlooked group of clerical brothers who wore green robes and managed all of the Templars' financial affairs. They were also responsible for the high degree of secrecy in which this work was surrounded. Their great value to the Order was recognized by the pope, who gave them this special dispensation to wear the green robe with a red Templar cross upon it. When King Philip and Pope Clement attacked the Templars in 1307, it was these green-robed men who made possible the escape of many knights, clerics and servingmen of the Order. 

All those things contributed to the surviving knights' relationship with the early Masons of those days, and much of Freemasonry can be traced back to those times. 

This is a fascinating journey among the people and events that gave us the extraordinary society known as the Knights Templar. They still capture our imagination hundreds of years later -- and are now seen in rich detail that brings them to life as never before.

Sworn in Secret plunges deep into all the convincing details a person wants to see if they are really interested in knowing what happened. This is especially true of the events related to Masons. All the sources of this full Templar history are noted and many footnotes are added -- in a total of 388 pages and 45 illustrations. The illustrations in Sworn in Secret include maps, drawings, paintings and some extraordinary photographs that bring home the full Templar experience.

Knight Templar Magazine calls it:

"A well-written and nicely illustrated book, easy to read, well researched, and highly recommended."

Sworn in Secret

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Sworn in Secrt Book Review

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Sworn in Secret Book Review